Apps Available From Betfair

The question of how casinos keep up with ever advancing technology, whether as standalone outfits or as branded versions provided by operators such as Betfair, is one that is clearly of great importance to the continued health of their businesses. It seems obvious from the range of mobile casino apps becoming available that to really compete in this market, you need to be able to provide punters with full access to your services, whenever and wherever they are. Although, as yet, Betfair does not have a mobile casino app as part of its mobile App stable, it’s clear from how successfully and extensively they’ve developed their existing mobile Apps that they are perfectly placed to do so.

The best example of this is how each of the Betfair mobile betting apps for iPhones, Android-supporting Smartphones and iPads comes with their own subsidiary App extension, to enhance the overall betting experience. On the iPhone Betfair have the iBet Mate, on Android it’s the Bet-Droid, and on the iPad it’s the BetTornado, and each bring additional factors, both in choice and usability, to the gaming experience. This is surely where the casino apps must also look, if they are to keep up with technology – too many providers seem happy to simply force the same casino app across a variety of platforms, without attempting to tailor the device.


This is a field in which Betfair is perfectly-suited to take advantage, having already demonstrated they can make different Apps to enhance different platforms. You would think, when it comes to Casino apps, that they will demonstrate a similar command of the technology, as and when Betfair launches their own App, by providing variable gaming experiences, depending on the platform you’re using. It would also, theoretically, be possible to combine a casino and betting experience within the same App, and this might also be an avenue for to pursue.

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