Nokia Lumia 900 Release Date Revealed

With the revelation of the much rumored LTE, Nokia Lumia 900, what seems to be lacking is the release or launch date. It was however, stated that it would be releasing in a few months and given the fact that Microsoft (..including Elope?) has the knack to be on time (almost) then we’d probably see it sooner than later.

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Well speculate no further. According to the Nokia Developer Newsletter North Americans will be very happy to know that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be exclusively released to AT&T on March. In fact, Paul Thurrott claimed that it will soon see the lights of day in March 18, 2012. Seems to be very legit.

Winning North America

Nokia will be hoping that it has taken the right decision and see that its line of Lumia Windows phone would be the key in establishing a stronger market presence in North America. Nokia has been through a long drought in the North American market especially because iOS and Android has gained a stronghold in the area. Despite still being a major force in many areas around the globe, Nokia seems to look like a helpless giant in the American market.  With the announcement of its collaboration last year with Microsoft, Nokia hopes to get a solid footing in American soil. Though the collaboration saw intense scrutiny and scorn among supporters and critiques alike, many have after a few months, saw the logic behind the deal. And yes, it seemed it was worth it all when Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 710 gained very positive marks from hardcore tech bloggers and journalists. With its newest addition to the Lumia line up, the 900, Nokia hopes that this LTE capable phone would further entice the North American market to its fold.


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