My Nokia Blog’s Review of Windows Phone’s Ask Ziggy App

If you have been looking at iPhone 4s commercials lately, you’d readily know how much marketing has gone into one of its main features,(er? what?), Siri. Commercials have been hyping this app so much you would think it was really the future. But it’s not. As functional as it is, it cannot be denied that Siri is slightly more of a gimmick than an innovation from Apple’s part. But Siri does serve its purpose albeit to a certain extent. What I mean by this is that it does not seem to cater very will to non-American way of speaking English, especially that of the Filipino way.

Voice command and recognition is not something new in mobile phone. There have already been numerous implementations of the program in OSes such as the Android and Symbian.  Siri just seems to take it to the next level because it allows you to somehow interact with the phone as compared to just simply giving commands. How is this helpful? Well it takes out the awkwardness of talking to your phone and allows you to naturally talk to it as though it was a real person. Because Siri responds, giving commands seems to be more human rather than robotic. Of course for the program to fully work, one still has to speak clearly as much as possible and try to put a little bit of American accent to it.

Okay so enough of Siri. It seems that whenever Apple releases there own versions of innovations that was so long ago realize it becomes famous. Siri has been there all along before Apple acquired it, but it was only until now that it has gained global fame. Because of that, other OSes also want the same thing. Windows Phone also has almost the same version as Siri, Ask Ziggy. Though not a core app it certainly works as well as Siri. No surprises here since the developers-Nuance- behind Siri’s voice recognition are the same developers who developed Ask Ziggy. So probably  you’d expect the same quality between Siri and Ask Ziggy. Hit on the video below to see how it works and click here for the full review.

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