Spotify Apps For iPad in the Future

In an interview with, Spotify’s UK MD, Chris Maples, said that there will be indeed an iPad version of the Spotify app in the future. This announcement came in conjunction with Wednesday’s launching of Spotify apps. There have been speculations that Spotify will delve into iOS apps because of their choice of HTML 5. With over 2.5 million paying costumers out of their 10 million active users, this Swedish based company might just have the right formula for success.

But beyond that, is the fact that they are not the only online service with apps, as they still have to compete against Google, iStore and Amazon. Being one of the second largest streaming music service behind Apple’s iTunes, just does not guarantee success. Recently Google has just released their music service in the US, which can also this can also bring a serious threat to Spotify as well, current Android  users to stay within the confines of the Android Market. Then there is also the problem of differentiation between the current Spotify Apps and the current app providers and the problem of too many useless, cloned apps. Maples has this to say about it.

“We’ve launched with services that are naturally intuitive to our business and work seamlessly hand in hand, he said.

“We’ve started lots of conversations with a lot of people and these were the ones that we thought were best for launch. We need to see how consumers react, see what they like and then slowly we’ll release more and more.

“We realised pretty early on that being an open platform was the only way to go about this. We realise that we can’t provide everything ourselves and there’s a lot of great minds out there to create great stuff.

“We operate a really clean, smooth service and we want that to continue. We will, therefore, have high quality thresholds. We’ll be pretty rigorous in making sure that when apps launch, that they will be adding value to our service.”

To fully understand about Spotify Apps hit on the video below.

Source Pocket-lint

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