Terminator Like Bionic Contact Lenses, Drawing Closer to Reality, Get Ready to Play Virtual Games Right on Your Eyes

Bionic Contact Lense

Bionic Contact Lense

It seems that long ago, Terminator eyes were just a reality seen only in the movies. You know the part where text information floats in in front of Arnold’s eyes. Yes that reality seems to be getting closer to us mere humans as development of the bionic contact lenses had once again moved forward after test conducted on a rabbit were safely conducted.

Bionic Contact lenses technology would allow people to read emails, see floating text information and augment eyesight with CG (computer generated) images on the fly. Application for this type of technology would also come in hordes once it becomes ready for production. One such example of the use of bionic lenses may include virtual reality gaming.

However, despite successful trials on animals, further research and testing needs to be carried out to see what further developments can be made since the current prototype is still a far cry from being a reliable commercial product .

Currently, their crude prototype device can only work if it is within centimetres of the wireless battery. And its microcircuitry is only enough for one light-emitting diode, reports the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering.

Of course a technology as small as this is not an easy task to develop, especially when producing one requires precision at the nano level. However, these researchers from Washington University headed by Professor Babak Praviz “have renewed faith about the device’s possibilities”, after successful animal trials.

Source BBC.co.uk

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