How play on a pc :mobile video on a computer for slow connections

If you have a slow or a dial up internet connection and wants to play the youtube videos… but have no luck because of the buffering solution. Then in such a situation the mobile version of Youtube videos can help you. As being the mobile edition it doesn’t need fast internet connection but can do well with even a dial up or  gprs connection.

But the problem arises with the video extension that play back on video devices i.e. *.3gp extension… Internet explorer and Mozilla firefox both gives an error while playing this media file… is that mean there is no way to play mobile version of youtube…
Of-course not… today you will know How to Play Videos for mobile on a pc… for this you need to install the Real player even a standard version will do the trick…. download location given…..


After installation restart your PC go through the and search your desired video…. as shown in the below screen
how i play mobile format in pc
Once you find the desired video click on it play …. then this will show you a small window to select the which application will play the file
mobile video on a computer for slow connections
That’s it now if everything goes well you will have your playback ready….
How play on a pc :mobile video on a computer for slow connections
Hope this is the solution you are looking for…. now love playing youtube even with a slow connection…
Download Real player
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  1. M@K says:

    i also know this but tel me how get good quality result

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